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Cleaning Consultancy

Our wide range of cleaning consultancy services aims to systematically analyse your cleaning operations, from the initial operational assessment to long term support. Explore some of the services that we can offer you:

Why use a Consultant?

Cleaning is, in total, quite a complex process, and because of that, cleaning is not at all understood as the essential process it should be. Poor and inefficient cleaning damages surfaces damages an organisation's image, and damages untrained and inefficient cleaners themselves.

It costs in so many ways because cleaning affects us all in so many ways. Better Hygiene has, as well as its technical and consultancy experience, also has the experience in hands on cleaning in so many varied sectors, so that when we give advice, you will know that it all comes from practical experience and our extensive background technical knowledge.

Cleaning & Hygiene Audits

Site visits and inspections - Optimal Performance Reviews
Systematic review of cleaning requirements
Systematic review of current cleaning services
Systematic review of cleaning specifications, tenders and operation manuals
Time and motion (workflow) studies
Best practice and Quality audit

Results-oriented cleaning programmes

Specific, simple, measurable and realistic performance indicators
Specific and unique cleaning systems development
Targeted training and coaching programmes
Cleaning contract specifications
Cleaning operations manuals
Staff and management training documentation

Workplace and cleaning needs analysis

Training assessment needs
Management support needs
Benchmarking and Troubleshooting

Onsite training delivery

Onsite post-training assessments
Cleaning operations assessments
Continued operation and management support and reporting
Training refreshment and updating skills