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The right Training is vital to achieve the correct goal in cleaning, the differences between an output specification standard and an input spec standard is dependant on the right form of training for each different aspect, getting it wrong can lead to failures in delivery.

Everyone knows how to clean right?

In our opinion nobody sets out to perform a bad job, but if the training is not right then a bad job could be delivered even when the cleaner is deemed to be very good, specific training on each element is key.

Better hygiene can deliver the training you need, for an individual or group session, we can cater for all.

Visually Focused Cleaner Training Manual

Visually-Focused Cleaner Training Manual

We provided onsite training to a well-known organisation based in the UK with many employed cleaners. It became immediately apparent during the training sessions that some of the cleaning staff struggled with the existing written cleaning instruction and safety guides issued by the organisation.

WAGJLL - What a good job looks like was issued to all staff to show exactly what the outcome of their cleaning should look like, clear and specific to whichever cleaning task they had completed.

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Cleaning Team Support Services

Cleaner Support Services

Our wide range cleaning consultancy services covers all services applicable to a cleaning management team and cleaning businesses based in a wide range of industries like schools, nurseries, public buildings, offices and other establishments.

Lean Cleaning & Team Cleaning

Lean Cleaning and Team Cleaning Known as 5S this comes from the Japanese Kaizen in Gemba system of working and it's ideally suited to the cleaning industry if it's applied as it should be. The lean concept has been used in manufacturing for several years and can be used to enhance cleaning results in office environments.

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Cleaning Time Management

Driving Change: Cleaning Change Management

Introducing change into your cleaning system is a managed process of a series of critical steps, taken one stage at a time. With 'Better Hygiene' as your expert partner, we will, for example, measure each and every area that you clean, look at the frequency that each area is cleaned and measure productivity that's then linked to a set cost for cleaning each area, this way we can suggest improvements that could save you money on the contract.

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